Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dear Mr. Harper

Both John and I are dyslexic and while we both read a lot, writing is a huge problem. We figured being artists has saved us a lot of grief, but sometimes you just have to write and we have developed a lot of strategies over the years as our spelling is so bad that looking things up in the dictionary can be quite the challenge if you can only get the first 2 letters and it is a 4 syllable word. Spell check has helped but there can be a lot of yelling back and forth from the studios as one of us needs that 3rd or 4th letter to find the word in the dictionary. Often the whole process has us in gales of laughter, and sometimes we are so sure of our word that we go ahead and do this. [see below]  I kept looking and looking, something was wrong. And this time it wasn't our government.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter/Passover and lots of lovely chocolate. And if you have time, checkout The Chair Project's blog [link here], it's my darlings chair today.

day 1 sign

day 2 sign


  1. Liz - I loved it and your story about helping each other out, but sometimes just thinking it isn't quite right... I had to go double check who your prime minister was just to make sure I understood the political inference...and I love your husband's chair; it's beautiful.

  2. Thanks Fiona, I'll pass your compliments on to my darling. And as for our Prime Minister, at least we spelled his name right. Over the years our front porch has had a variety of political commentary. For years we had 2 life sized dolls that acted out the political dramas of the day. I decided they needed to go south one winter, well everybody wants to go south in our winter, and I put them in the washing machine with tea bags. Not a pretty sight when they emerged.


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