Sunday, March 4, 2012

Water Worlds

There has been a lot of extreme weather about lately. Vicious tornados in the States, flooding in Australia: a hard and scary time for a lot of people. Here the wind is howling as I write this and we are going through the usual pre-spring gamut of conditions with various stages of water about, snow, rain, ice pellets, icicles and puddles. And with the macro lens, I am still trying for that elusive water drop but until that moment these will do.
Another water drop

Condensation on the kitchen window


  1. The second shot is wonderful, but it's the first that draws me in. I want to see what's happening in that drop at the there a secret world there just waiting to fall into being?

  2. Strangely enough the UK hasn't had much rain, in the south anyway to the extent that some areas are possibly facing drought conditions! The world's weather is topsy turvy and rather worrying! Love what you're up to with your macro lens

  3. The second shot has the feel of a painting. I guess it's the lack of external reference - makes it possible to imagine it 6'!

  4. Thanks Jennifer,I am still waiting for that elusive world to drop into the view finder, I have a lot of shots of empty space.

    Thanks Rosie, still in a deep freeze here but tomorrow is suppose to be 11 C. Bizarre, but I'll take it, I'm sick of winter boots.

    Hi Sarah, I was surprised by the feeling of landscape in that shot, hidden worlds in front of my eyes. Am trying to get up my courage to print some of these big. The thing holding me back is the drama of changing the inks in the big printer to photo inks. I loose a lot of ink that way.


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