Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Blues of Water

It's strange that when I think of the color of water in the pond, I think of peat, of forest floor, shades of moss and gold; and forget that at this time of year, before the trees leaf out, it reflects the sky. Blue in varieties my eyes have missed. There is something so mesmerizing about watching water: the wind scudding across the surface, the patterns of the wavelets, the reflections of the trees, and the glint of the sun. My mind empties and I watch.

The blues of water


  1. The movement of water is indeed mesmerizing and oh! so fun to photograph. What a wonderful glimpse at your pond. Enjoy.

  2. so many beautiful moods and blues...

  3. Hi Jennifer and Fiona, so glad you are enjoying the pond with me....and Zoe and the ducks and this morning 2 very noisy Canadian Geese.


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