Wednesday, March 21, 2012

At The Pond

Signs of winter are in fast retreat. Bits of dirty snow lying about, mostly close the the edge of the woods. The ice on the pond gets darker by the day and is pulling back from the edges. I can hardly wait to hear the peepers. The beech trees are beginning to shed their leaves, which have given me such pleasure all winter, as their color fades to transparent. The tall stocks of echinacea have lost most of their seed leaving behind the broken heads denuded of bristles.The pond ice is beginning to show cracks, traversing its width and length. More beautiful marks to watch.

At the pond, March 20


  1. Beautiful, Liz. I had no idea you were so far behind us weather-wise. Here it is all primroses, daffodils, and blossoms. Any frost is banished from the moment the sun rises.

  2. We are having the earliest spring in my memory, crocus, snowdrops, all sorts of budding. It can't last but has everyone is in love.


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