Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lovely Pleasures

Yesterday there was snow on the ground with a fierce wind blowing about. I watched the grackles play with the wind, soaring, riding the currents up and down. Every once and a while they would flip themselves over and fly upside down; then they would see if they could glide in a circle, egging each other on and cheering at their success. Over at the pond the drake and the hen were bathing. It took me a while to see the hen; her camouflage is so good. Zoe joined me and off they flew.

Taking a bath

and taking flight

Pond water in the wind


  1. That wind you mention, it's down here in CT too. Kept retrieving cushions from the oddest places in the yard which actually belong to chairs on the front porch. The wind must have thought they were fun to toss here and there.

    The shot of the drake taking flight is wonderful. Such majestic beings.

    Here's hoping you have a less blustery day. From the sounds outside my studio window, ours will be the same. Oh bother!

  2. Hi Jennifer, that wind blew down another tree and Zoe has chased the ducks once to often I think. The world was white yesterday and more expected today, guess this is March going out like a lion. Have a great day in the studio.


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