Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Little Bird Marks

Yesterday was really cold and the chickadees were all puffed up and ravenous. We filled the feeder 3 times. And so for them and the hours of pleasure they bring, I photographed their foot prints; a wonderful arrow shape. The light dusting of snow really helped them leave their marks. I think I should have called this one Start from the Center.

The chickadee poem in 3 lines


  1. Even little birds make artistic marks... amazing.

  2. They remind of those old-time printed dance steps you used to see with the men's shoe prints and dashes for where they go next...what fun!

  3. I love these photos! (no surprise; I love all your photos!!!)
    I also love the title: "The chickadee poem in 3 lines": a perfectly descriptive title!

  4. Hi Jo, love that fact the the marks are little arrows. This way? That way?

    Hi Fiona, I had forgotten about those printed dance steps, would be fun to compare them to these. Not that I am saying my darling dances like a bird, actually my darling doesn't dance. Otherwise he's perfect!

    Thanks so much Anna, am thinking Haiku may be the way to go.


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