Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The days are long and twilight seems to stretch. I wonder about the garden in the  electric blue light, hoping for fireflies. The moon is overhead, 1/2 full, the light becomes inky. Almost summer.

The Night Shed Its Blue Tears

The night shed its blue tears
on grass and woods

and the earth grew cool and deep
beneath my feet
and I felt for a moment
as though a pallor struck my breast
and my bones were rotting
and I was seized by fear.

Then I thought I heard a low whisper
like that of a closing flower:
You are a spring a thousand years ago.

Stefan Hörður Grímsson

[from the book On A Clear Morning, by Stefan Hörður Grímsson
translated from the Icelandic by Hallberg Hallmundsson,
Útgefandi, Reykjavík 2005]

With thanks to Ravenna Taylor [link here] for this poem.

Twilight, 2013


  1. Thanks very much for the lovely poem link.
    This image also is very powerful - but so simple .... More use of digital techniques like your stunning images on your Still Lake Dreaming post?

    1. Thanks Charlton, so glad you liked the poem too, and yes this is a digital work, I love expermenting about, to see if with very little form one can have meaning.

  2. How gentle and beautiful. Our midnights are like twilight--such a lovely, heartbreaking blue.

    1. Thanks Cindi, Did you get to see the super moon, we had a clear night on Friday for the solstice and it was magical, even the fireflies were out!

  3. A beautiful poem, thank you for the link, and the image is to drown in. Intensely beautiful!

    1. Thanks Carol, I'm so glad you liked the poem and image!

  4. A beautiful blue, mysterious poem ... and elsewhere such ephemeral, crystalline flowers. Seeing them, a small significant pause has to happen. A refreshment.

    1. Margaret, thank you and so sorry not to reply sooner, I REALLY need to organize my email better! And I certainly am in need of a significant to drive out west. Be back in a couple of weeks.


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