Friday, March 16, 2012

Snowdrops Are Blooming

I dug one out of the garden to try an experiment; laying it on the scanner bed with a box over it.  I wanted to see if I could get an almost photographic image, without flattening the snowdrop. Not quite what I was after. Mind you it might have worked out better if I had cleaned the scanner bed. Then I got my darling to hold the snowdrop while I took photos. He's a good man. The scent is so delicate and sweet and I love the slender vein that holds the flower to the stock. And yes, I took it outside and replanted. Seems just fine after the adventure.

Scanner snowdrop

A beautiful neck

wish you could smell it


    The feel of the scanner image is reminiscent to a ballet dancer's movement on stage... These are just superb!

  2. Great images Liz - you've managed to capture gentle movement in the scanner image

  3. Lovely lines in this little gem. I've scanned leaves which worked well. Snow drops are my favorite spring flower.

  4. Thanks so much Anna, Jennifer, Rosie and Leslie. It's a great way to "see" differently. I don't use the scanner often and now want to do more experiments. What I was really hoping for the 3 dimensionality of the snow drop, so will see what happens with some more work.


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