Monday, May 14, 2012

It's That Time Of The Year

For dandelions. The so called grass is covered with them, our neighbours field is covered with them. I think it's a glorious sight. We drink our coffee watching the sun warm them until they open those yellow heads once again. "Hello World" they shout. "I'm here." A few days pass and those once bright yellow heads have turned to a silvery gray puff ball waiting for the wind the blow the seeds all about and start the whole dance again.

Hello world, I'm here

Seed Head


  1. Love this Liz! Will check in frequently. :)


  2. Oh my gosh! Dandelions are my daughters' favorite spring flowers, still haven't managed to convince them that they are weeds and that, no, we don't need more of them in the yard. However, after seeing your seed head photo... It's splendid!

  3. Thanks Eve, Shawn and Jennifer. Don't know why we don't plant huge beds of these gems, they need little care, super healthy, the greens are useful, you can make wine from them and they are so wonderfully cheerful. let's start the yellow lawn revolution. And Jennifer your girls are in charge, they have the right attitude!

    1. Funny! I'll send Ellie and Grace to your house first.

    2. Great, when can I expect them? Tell them They have me taking loads of dandelion photos, the series to be called For Grace and Ellie ♥


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