Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Evening Walk With Zoe

Every night we walk Zoe up to the Turnaround Tree, or she walks us. This was Saturday night about 8 pm. and there were fireflies later.

Starting down to Romeo's road.
Past Sophia's bench. You can see the road and Mt Sutton in the distance
Looking up Romeo's road to Mt. Sutton with the Turnaround Tree, the big pine on the right.
On the bridge, looking west
On the bridge, looking east
And up to the Turnaround Tree
Zoe leading us home
View to the studios
The studios
Looking up at the Tree Temple, Hawthorns and Salix " hakuro nishiki" in bloom
Back past Sophia's bench and we're home.


  1. Beautiful! i totally love all the different parts of your garden. specially the little wildflowers behind the studio.
    I met with Zoe in town last week. She's a really nice dog.

    1. Thanks Eve, the wildflowers in Romeo's field make my heart sing, they also make me wonder why I garden when the field is so beautiful without a stroke of work being done by me. Zoe sends wet slobbery kisses and says you have impeccable taste in dogs.

  2. What a truly magical and beautiful place you live in Liz ! I love your walk and felt I was doing it myself as I scrolled down the images - thank you for sharing your evening joy

    1. Thanks Rosie, as you can tell we love it, and it's great to go on an evening walk with friends. Last night was a bit different a we had huge amounts of rain yesterday, so the stream was high and fast. We were a sight in wellingtons and shorts, only slightly better than our dressing gowns.


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