Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tulip Requiem, Part 3

The tulip that I scanned the other day now sits in her glass of water in the window; sill catching my eye each time I walk through the kitchen. The petals have become so transparent that I can see the screen of the window through them. They have started to curl back on themselves, exposing the heart. Utterly beautiful.
A fellow artist, Denise Pelletier [link here] mentioned the Faure Requiem in a comment about the Tulip Requiem, and so this is for you Denise, the Pie Jesu with Cecilia Bartoli. [Link here]. I find it utterly beautiful too.


  1. The red is powerfully sensual. Wonderful!

  2. the colour, the density of it, the light, the cropping... FANTASTIC!!!

  3. Thanks Jennifer, Anna, and Rosie, I was surprised to see so much red in this batch of photos, but I loved it so it stayed. Amazing how the ambient light can change everything.


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