Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fern Leaf Bleeding Heart

A friend and I were talking the other day about how our work had changed over the years. And how many of our preoccupations in the work had not. But for me the size and scale of work has changed radically. Maybe it's age where you don't have the same energy, but we were hoping it was ego. That perhaps we weren't trying so hard to impress people, to make a dent in the art scene, that big statement. Look at me, look at me. Whatever it is, I must say I am also hoping there is some hard found wisdom here. I am enthralled with what I used to consider the small, the insignificant, the mundane. There seems to be whole worlds to discover, to notice, to savour.

Fern Leaf Bleeding Heart


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    1. You've written some of MY thoughts I meant to say...

      Refined is a good alternative.

    2. Matt I'm dyslexic so your sentence made perfect sense to me. Thanks

  2. Thanks Rose and Matthew, good to know there are some real plusses in getting older. It's one of the things John and I talk about a lot, how our work will change as our manual dexterity changes as well as our thoughts and concerns. Maybe a better way of putting it would be it feels that everything is being refined, there is a different urgency .


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