Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beginning To End

Yesterday was the last day of my tulip fever. As they say it's time to move on. Azaleas are in bloom, rhododendron starting. Scent fills the air; lilac and honeysuckle wafting by. Jack and Pauline are busy cutting down 5 elm that we have lost to Dutch elm disease. So change is all about. Parts of the garden need to be rethought as the elm were part of the shade garden which is now a far sunnier place. I always find it a blow to loose trees. There is a part of me that thinks trees are eternal.

Tulip petal
Last day 


  1. Thanks Rosie, sorry to be so tardyreplying, can't seem to keep thing too organized at the moment, am blaming the weather, which is gorgeous and make me want to spend every available moment outside.


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