Saturday, January 4, 2014

Minus 29 C.

or - 20 F and I'm hibernating. It's so cold that all the tiny birds have puffed up to twice their normal size and when I looked back towards the woods I saw wild turkeys nesting in the trees.


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    1. Thanks Sue, still hoping to get one where I can really see the marks on the turkeys feathers, so beautiful.

  2. I've never experienced such low temperatures! It seems incredibly cold here when we hit -18ºC. But the truth is I'd love to know how it feels :)

  3. It's actually kind of amazing, the snow has a hard crunch sound when you walk, your jacket sounds like it's going to crack into a million pieces, eyes water, and you don't realize your face stings until you get inside. And you know that you've been breathing VERY fresh air. The key to the whole thing is layers…and a hat…and a hood.


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