Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Digital works

Not wanting to waste my beautiful gray pastel paper, I decided to do studies first and work out any problems there before I used the expensive paper. I haven't been too happy with any of the studies but again using photoshop to layer has really helped the process along. Yesterday I decided to print a couple of them to see. I did a test print a 1/2 size, then the full size prints and ended up liking the smaller prints better. Not to sure why. I was thrilled with the color, even though I always proof my color for the paper I'm printing on there are always compromises to be made. [The raspberry color is a bit less stinging in the print.]

It seems strange to me that there is still such debate about digital work. Here I started out with several pastel drawings, photographed them digitally, processed them and layered them digitally, printed them digitally on Somerset paper, photographed the prints digitally, re sized them on the computer digitally so that I can upload them and you can see them. What are your thoughts about digital work...pros...cons...feelings...musings...

I just noticed, this is my 500th blog post, thanks everyone!

Raspberry top and bottom, 10 x 14.5 in, 2013
6 raspberry rectangles, 10 x 14.5 in, 2013


  1. i agree, digital still seems to be a sticky issue for many - but for me, it's the visual content that's important not the medium - and visual content can come across on the screen as well as in print or face to face paint --visual language transcends its medium, & always has.

  2. Tools are there to be used to make work, and I use digits and digital all the time.
    I love the way the raspberry picks out the pink hue in the green.


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