Thursday, July 4, 2013

We Are Off

After breakfast, across Canada, following that old dictate, "go West". I think it says young man but I'll just skip over that part. So here is the plan. Get in the car and drive to Calgary, the only place we have a hotel reserved. It's a tad intimidating looking at the map; that's a lot of country.

The magenta stars show where  we start and stop

We want to be in Calgary for the Art of The Book, 2013 show, which given Calgary's recent severe flooding is a miracle that it's even going ahead. Big congrats to the organization who announced Monday that the show was cancelled as the venue had been affected by the flood and yesterday announced they had found a new venue to hold the exhibition. I am thrilled and honored to have Why I Paint [link here] included in this exhibition, and Elegy to Betty [link here] and A Tiny A, B, C [link here] included in the traveling show. Please note the change in venue, it will now be held at DaDe Art & Design Lab, 1327 9 Ave SE, Calgary.

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