Monday, February 25, 2013

Playing with Paper

I love paper, its texture, its grain, its aliveness. Some I love because of its body; some its lack of body, its transparency. And some times I just need to play with paper, exploring its physicality, how it folds, or drapes itself; how the light plays with it. Yesterday was that kind of day.

Paper, slight curve

Paper, hard folds

Paper, more hard folds

Paper Love

I am taking a holiday and will be back next week-end. As Fiona would say "Go well" and see you next week.


  1. lovely shots liz --- go well xx

  2. Oh I love all these paper shots - and they do show how much you love paper too! Have a wonderful break, and yes, go well...

    1. Thanks Fiona, especially for teaching me about "go well" , as you can tell I love that phrase.


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