Saturday, February 9, 2013

Floundering About

Don't know whether it's the flu that keeps hanging about or the new papers that I have been experimenting with, but I am floundering about. Trying this, then that. Disliking this, liking parts of that. Definitely not in the flow. Bought some paper, made especially for charcoal, that feels so easy to use; the tape doesn't stick, but it doesn't feel alive and responsive. On the other hand a roll of Chinese drawing paper is so thin, it's like working on tissue paper and has no body. So I scrunched it up to see what would happen. Interesting...

Window, charcoal, 2013

On another Japanese paper [so thin that it tore as I removed the tape] I tore it into strips and re-bandaged it with more masking tape, gluing it down with matte medium.

Masking tape, charcoal, 2013

Bringing it back to the worktable to add some more charcoal, I attached it to the window to see how transparent it was. Very, and then I noticed the grain lines in the paper; beautiful.

Simple House, charcoal, 2013


  1. Have you tried using the translucent scotch tape which is so easy to remove? Scrunched tissue paper, or fine Japanese paper is scrumdiddlyumptious with soft pastel used rather in the way you are using the charcoal, I find. It is fascinating watching your progress. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the tips Olga. I used the clear tape , unsuccessfully, and will now try the transparent tape. So far the "delicate" masking tape is working best. Pastels next!

  3. Your work is beautiful.i have just found your blog. Try using freezer paper as a mask. It shouldn't pull the paper as much.

    1. Thanks so much for the tip and the kind words Angela, will try that ASAP as I tries some new paper yesterday and actually put holes in it lifting off the tape. Not quite what I had in mind!


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