Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Little Nostalgia

A group in the village are putting together photos of what the village used to look like and asked us if we had any old photos of the house from when we moved in in. It was great fun going back and trying to find the photos. So this was February or March of 1974, a snow less winter, rather like this one. But what really stuck us was how young we were and how much work there was to do. Not that that bothered us, we had loads of energy and knew anything was possible. Not knowing a thing about old houses, renovations, plumbing, electricity, cabinetry didn't seem to bother us in the least. After all we had a book, "Architectural Standards", which we didn't really understand but the pictures were helpful!

West side, that's me sitting there with pigtails
Where the white clapboard starts was the summer kitchen, which became our kitchen and the green buggy doors to the right went into my studio. The summer kitchen and attached barns were 65 feet long and to two young artists space for studios, the selling point of the house.

East side
The barn and house from the other side complete with a 3 seater outhouse. J's studio was in what was the cow stalls and hay loft above. In those days we could see across the valley. Now there is the thicket of birch  and pine. [link here]


  1. A lovely house and the amount of space an artist's dream

  2. Ah, you can see why we bought Rosie, and the price was right!

  3. That youthful energy served you well. What a beautiful installation peice your place has become. Good bones.


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