Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Random Bits

Some times the best part of your day happens so unexpectedly. Things just fall into place in front of your eye or beside your hands as you work. As I was laying down washes and lines, I realized my eye kept being caught by something on the table beside me. Splashes, ends of pencil line, things that had fallen off or away from the paper I was working on. These little random bits had me enthralled and somehow filled me with tenderness. And gave me some new ideas.

Random bits 1

Random bits 2


  1. Oh my...yes! It's those little surprise details...those happy accidents that are often my favorites. More of these please.

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I think I'll start framing everything not on the piece I'm working on. There is such a freedom and spontaneity to them, they just seem to know how to sing.

  2. Those incidental marks sometimes speak much louder than anything we attempt to convey with purpose...just love them!


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