Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Notebook

Found a lovely square black page notebook while cleaning the studio the other day. Making these line drawings is rather like playing scales. Line carries the same resonance as sound, Even graphite lines seem to have color and body; form to them. And at the moment I'm finding the repetition so enjoyable, the scratching sound on the paper, the scribble motion, and especially the endless combinations of patterns one can play with. The only down side is how tricky they are to photograph.

You can see where this is leading


  1. All the elements you mention, the byproducts of the drawing as it were, resonate with me. It's wonderful to see how something so simple as a repeated line can build up into something so rich.

    1. Thanks Margaret, you have said it well, my darling keeps reminding of a saying attributed to Bach, "Take a simple melody and play with it"

  2. enjoying your line drawings and mark making

  3. Thanks Judy, was in a hurry the other day and didn't leave a comment on your blog, loved your House with the Golden Windows, wonderful work and especially good for you for following your knowing.


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