Monday, November 26, 2012

More Black

Some of the drawings have met the computer. This really helps me see what I wish I had done and what I want to do. Back to work.

On the computer

From the black notebook


  1. I am loving your studies in black and white. There's a serenity to them that holds such appeal. The simplicity is centering...and I can see the today's piece from the black notebook large - like 8 feet tall large. How delightful that would be.

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I'm really enjoying making these and they are small, on 10 in x 10 in paper, quite a change from Big Blue which was 5.5 ft x 13 feet. Working small is a quieter and more reflective experience for me, so really glad you are picking up on that.

    2. Are you limiting yourself to one drawing per day? You've no doubt said and it's slipped my mind. Such a wonderful practice/challenge.

      I keep looking at your drawings and seeing them as stitched pieces. White threads on black linen or wool. Would you mind if I attempted to translate one into stitching? Feel free to say to no. I'll understand.

    3. Please do Jennifer, it would be great to see what you come up with. I have been thinking about adding some stitches to the paper but haven't gone there yet. Tried rusting a piece the other day, not very successfully, the best image came out on the plastic sheet. Ouch.

    4. Rusting, huh? Let me know if I can help with any tips. Think tea or vinegar. And keep trying!

    5. Just found this note from you Jennifer, it was hiding. Thanks for the tip, it's soaking as we speak and i will be in touch re photos as soon as there is something rusty to photo.


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