Friday, October 28, 2011

More Drama Queens

For the past few years I have been opening my photos in Photoshop using Camera Raw and the wonderful dialog box that comes up is full of hidden treasures, most of which I am only now beginning to use. It's amazing what you discover when you start to press buttons. A zillion more ways to play with the image, a lot of which you can do in photoshop but this feels more intuitive. I find I am doing more and more of things like curves, levels and white balance here than in photoshop. Wish there was away to re-open my photoshop file using camera raw, really don't want to save files as jpegs, which might do the trick. Meanwhile here are some more Drama Queens. Thank-you Camera Raw.
Grans Yellow Iris


  1. Thanks so much Anna,have always adored hollyhocks so was thrilled to get this shot. Love the old-fashioned plants in the garden.

  2. Thanks Matthew, coming from you that mean a lot to me.


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