Sunday, October 2, 2011


We ran away from home last week. I needed to smell and see the ocean. I wanted to fix in my minds eye that line between water and sky, to hear her sounds and John needed to see the area around Rockport, to see and feel the light, to find some places that he had read about. I love Maine. I love the sandy soil, the plain and sturdy houses with their weathered gray shingles. I love how in the small ports and harbours the buildings are all clustered together, almost on top of each other, as if there is such strength in their togetherness. And I love the smell and the light. Thanks Maine.
Wharf inRockport, Maine


  1. Lovely images Liz and I for one am totally supportive of running away from home; especially to the seaside, every now and again. Most necessary I would say! Glad you had a good break.

  2. Oh these water reflections...
    Happy for you, for your quiet by the ocean break...

  3. Thanks Fiona, love running away to the sea, even if it was wet and gray and moody, a feast for the eyes and most necessary.

    Thanks Anna, it was wonderful, now dreaming of a tiny house on the ocean, love dreaming.


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