Thursday, October 6, 2011

Drinking Coffee

Sitting outside yesterday morning, in the foggy cold, wearing my winter boots and coat, pretending it was fog and not rain, I looked up to see the tiny crab apples etched against the sky.
crab apples


  1. Lovely image. Amazing what a creative eye can see.

  2. Just too gorgeous Liz - I love it! Out of the fog you see this beauty...

  3. Oh, my ... it's like natural calligraphy, isn't it? Beautiful.

  4. Thanks Jo, "saw" these first with out my glasses on, a serendipity moment.

    Thanks Fiona, really just saw dots, ect and it wasn't until I put them together that they had a feel of a poem, written in a language one couldn't quite understand.

    Welcome Carol, thanks so much and I am so glad you see calligraphy too. Wish I had called it the Crabapple Poem.

  5. Beautiful poetic grid. Love the little "woodpecker" at the top right.

  6. Thanks Eric, and thanks for pointing out the woodpecker! Love how stuff happens, well actually, love how fun stuff happens.


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