Sunday, October 16, 2011

Beauty in Mended

As I was putting away the huge movers blanket, that we use to wrap our works when we transport them, I was struck by its beauty. Not just in it's usefulness and practicality, but by the obvious care someone had taken in mending it. And I remembered first seeing Betty Goodwin's Tarpaulin works: where she had used old truck tarpaulins, hanging them and folding them. Somehow they were unspeakably poignant.
Movers Blanket
Betty Goodwin, Tarpaulin No. 2, 1974–1975 


  1. Lovely. The Betty Goodwin piece reminds of your rope sculptures that I saw on one Canadian holiday when I was growing up! x

  2. Thanks Alice, and especially thanks for the memory about the rope pieces. I had forgotten about them and JB and I had a good laugh about how monstrously heavy they were and all the problems hanging them. I had never thought of them in connection to Goodwin's work, so something to ponder. xoxox


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