Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another Poem

I have decided that visual poetry is for me. No more trying to spell correctly, or close enough that spell check can find the word. No, I'm returning to more ancient times and its back to the pictogram for me. Dots, swirls, gestures, rhythm, color and shape become words.  As I cut down the garden I find such beauty. The leaves are becoming translucent, almost skin like, while the spent flowers are forming their seed heads in the most ingenious ways. The lines of the plants have softened; things are beginning to droop. And yet even though I know we are almost finished for another year I find great pleasure in preparing the garden for winter. There is 10 tonnes of manure waiting to blanket it.
Another poem


  1. never much went for poetry until I read yours

  2. Liz - I love 'glyphs' - individual marks which contribute to meaning and think your visual poetry is just that! it says so much without words.

  3. Thanks Barbara, I am ever so flattered and so glad you've changed your mind about poetry.

    Thanks Anna

    And thanks Fiona, I love glyphs too and had not thought of that connection, when there are words like glyphs I don't think I can possibly give up words totally.


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