Thursday, June 27, 2019

Some Studio News

 So pleased to announce my upcoming show "A Silent Trust" at Galerie Art Plus, opening July 4 and on 'till August 4. The vernissage is Saturday July 6 from 2 - 5pm and it would be a pleasure to see you.
 Started 3 years ago [2016], these paintings have had a more than a few lives. I've put on paint, scrapped and sanded off paint, added more paint, added thinner layers of paint, all the while trying to find the why that these works needed to be paint and not some other material. I had a sense of why but I kept loosing it, but as they say "she persisted" and here I am.

Here are  few detail shots of works in "A Silent Trust" at Galerie Art Plus, 8 rue Maple, QC

Detail from "Summer Sky Memory," 2019

Detail "From Field to Sky And In-between" 2019

Detail "Blue At Th Centre", 2019

From July 13 to 21st  Gallery Art Plus will be open from 10 am to 5 pm during the Tour Des Arts. There will be concerts at the gallery 2 nights during this time so check out the flyer for more details. Link here.

And if you are in Europe, a group show of The Drawing Collective and invited artists are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus with a show at hase29, Osnabrük, Germany. Four of my drawings will be in the show which ends August 3. A link to hase29 website.

#2 + 11, oil on paper

#10 + 12, oil on paper

And I have finally updated my website so most of the last 3 years work is in one place. And it links back to the older work. [Yes, you just heard a huge sigh of relief that it works] So here is the link

I've decided to take the summer off, clean up the studio, work in the garden, swim and finish reading the Mueller Report, so a joyous summer everyone and all the best!

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