Monday, July 11, 2016

New Directions

About 6 months ago I was approached by a company in Montreal, Dei Neri,]Link here] about working with them on a innovative idea called stand'ART, that allows art to be placed any where in a home or out side, no need for walls. The other exciting thing for me was the printing would be on plexiglass, a material I have longed to print on but never had the nerve, as it would mean a lot of adjustments to my printer. So for the show at Galerie Art Plus we decided to print 2 works, one translucent which gives about 70 % of the color and one with a black backing which gives about 90 % of the color. It's really exciting for me to see and to start to sense where these may lead.

Holding Fall, printed on Somerset Velvet [left] and Holding Sumer, printed on plexiglass [Photo© Brigite Normandin]

Another Side View, Panel 3, printed on Plexiglass, Another Side View, Panel 1 + 2 printed on Somerset Velvet paper [photo ©Brigite Normandin]

Card showing the work outside © Die Neri


  1. What a wonderful innovation; your Art certainly does stand on it's own!

  2. I like these pieces very much. I'm also intrigued by the idea of having them stand away from the wall. What kind of ink do you use to print on plexiglass? I'm not clear about whether these are hand-pulled prints, or computer-printed. Either way, I've always been obsessed with making art you can see through, but have never tried plexi.

    1. Hi Sharmon, I don't print on plexiglass myself, these were printed by a firm in Montreal. I print an artist proof on paper for myself and then send the very large file to the printer. From what I know they use a flatbed printer and the inks are able to with stand indoor and out door use. you might try firms that do outdoor signage / banners or search for firms that print on plexiglass. Good luck!


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