Monday, July 21, 2014

Meanwhile, Back in the Garden...

The Echinacea are starting to bloom; last week I watched them form their crowns, which really do look like crowns and kept telling myself to go and get the camera. But I kept drinking my coffee and watching the clouds roll by. And when I was finally in the garden with the camera I needed to find some that hadn’t open fully. They thrill me these plants, I love their structure, the way they open peeling back layers to reveal themselves, I love the gray / green of the leaves and the hairy bits around each petal. Then there is the amazing pattern of the cone, the golden section in all its perfection.

the centre, echinacea, 2014

tiny spiders web, echinacea,2014

the cone of spirals, echinacea, 2014

forming the crown, echinacea, 2014

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