Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer in Sutton

It has started, what J. and I call the summer crazies. There are dozens of events and shows and markets that it hard to fit everything in, but we accept the challenge knowing what January is like, so for anyone in the neighborhood here is a partial list. I’ll be at Galerie Art Plus, every day from 1 pm to 5 pm, July 12 to 20th, during the Tour des Arts, and it world be a pleasure to see you. Brigite Normandin will have her studio open downstairs in the gallery at 8, maple, Sutton.  And across the street from the gallery André Pelletier and Sanders Pinault will have a vernissage in their studio L'Hémisphère Droit, 4 Maple, Sutton. And just around the corner at 6 c Pine St, the divine La Cabane, has a pop up store. And the library has its big sale today at the John Sleeth centre. The Tour des Arts was started 26 years ago by Maya Lighbody, Stanley Lake and me as a way to show the working environment of our studios and hopefully sell some work. It also has great evening events from poetry / prose readings to Jazz concerts, theatre and improv. And I need to get a pot of Crocosmia that I bought yesterday planted, not one of the bulbs I planted months ago came up. And, because I'll need strength to do all this I'm meeting a friend for breakfast at La Cafetiere. It's my favourite way to start a day, a huge bowl of latte. 

a droplet of dew on the crocosmia leaves, 2014

the beauty of the crocosmia leaves, 2014

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