Saturday, November 30, 2013

Renovating My Web Site

There have been two major concerns with my redo of my website. The first is the size as I started in 2006 and have just kept adding to it, so that now it is gigantic. The question [that I avoided and procrastinated over] is should I just start a new site with just with current work. The other concern is that so many people use their phones and tablets that would this site work, designed as it were in the dark ages. Uploading a piece of software, Xcode, let me see the site on an IPhone simulator. Neat. So I decided to go with what I have, making the pages as narrow as I could as everyone seems to scroll down now and not sideways. Hopefully I am reaching the end and can upload the site. You will hear a mighty cheer!

some screen shots of the new site on the IPhone simulator


  1. Some of these are lovely images in their own right - especially the grids ...
    Good luck with the upload. I look forward to seeing it.

    1. Thanks Charlton, I be soooo glad to get to that point of uploading, hoping later this week, we'll see!


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