Thursday, November 14, 2013

Radiant Yellow

A few days ago I printed some of the disappearing images that I had worked on the computer. Then added some washes of my new favourite colour Radiant Yellow, enhanced some of the lines with pencil and enclosed them in encaustic. I had forgotten how wonderfully the studio smells when you work with encaustic; warm summer day smell while out side the window there were snow squalls. The encaustic always changes the color of the print, usually brightening the colors and giving them more saturation. And I dripped some radiant yellow, a happy accident.

Radiant Yellow Contained, mixed media, 16 x 28, 2013

Radiant Yellow Contained, before the mixed media


  1. Sighing here.....and dreaming of yellow...

    1. Thanks Jennifer....last day of golden light here for a while, good thing we have studios to make our own!


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