Saturday, November 2, 2013

It Disappeared

As I said the other day the studio always has surprises in store. This one I didn't see coming, in fact I can hardly see it. What happened is that the paint dried and all my lovely auras and subtle colors disappeared overnight. If I stand at a certain angle to the paper I can at least see that there are marks on it, the camera is not so sure. So it's back to more experimenting with more color in the washes. And wait until it is dry.

detail, oil on paper, 2013


  1. What a story there is the where, why, can it be recaptured, did it go willingly or was it spirited away....

    Oh goodness...there I go again. There's something about your latest pieces that has stories popping into my head. I usually don't write them down and probably should. Personally, I love the minimalism and mystery.

    1. Jennifer, I love your comment, thanks, I think I should call this "The Lazarus Piece" , I am hoping it will reappear .....


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