Friday, September 30, 2016

Maquettes 1

Last spring, during the renovation, I kept some odds and ends of off-cuts of lumber, I liked their shapes and finally got around to sanding, filling and priming them, impatient to see would develop. The wood is construction grade lumber so not ideal, but definitely good enough for maquettes.

Structure, maquette #1, 2016

Structure, maquette #2, 2016

Structure, maquette #3, 2016

Structure, maquette #4, 2016


  1. Very nice idea.Love , Don

  2. wow! This is going to e so grrat. Have fun! Construction grade lumber is fine.

    1. Thanks Lynda, I'm still playing with blocks all these years later...and still loving every minute!

  3. If these are marquees, what will the real pieces look like and how big will they be? These are wonderful as is.

  4. Thanks Jennifer, these are about 16 in. high, 1.5 in deep, but I am still working with them so many unanswered questions and much to be resolved.


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