Saturday, June 7, 2014

All Is Promise

This time of year is my favourite time in the garden, all is tender, young and full of promise. The poppies and peonies are full of buds, the yellow rose has started to bloom and so have Grannie's yellow iris with their intoxicating scent, soft and elusive, and slightly tangy. There is growth on the rhodo that I thought I'd lost [thanks Ravenna for telling me to wait before I pruned]. Wandering about the garden in the early morning shine is a hugely important ritual to me, my time in Eden before the world speeds up and I forget the joy of seeing the dew drops edging the Ladies Mantle.

the firstt rose, a small yellow, if anyone know the name I would love to know

Grannie's yellow iris

dew drops outlining the edges of the Lady's Mantle leaves


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