Tuesday, June 17, 2014


The Blue Dream continues to haunt me and I keep trying to come up with another word beside haunt…tease, intrigue, fascinate; but maybe all I need to is let it play. Sometimes it becomes rivers or streams on a topographical map, other time it reminds me of what a peony would look like if it were blue. And sometime it's just the color of my favorite time of day, the time between the worlds, of dawn and dusk, when layers of "reality" are thinner.

petals from the Blue Dream,  2014


  1. This is beautiful - haunting seems so appropriate for the delicious subtlety of the colour.

  2. beautiful description of a haunting vision's resulting work...
    truly beautiful!

  3. A beautiful gradation of blue, in which I see a woman's diaphanous gown as she floats across a twilight lawn - haunting, yes.

  4. mmmmm - the colour of ice. I have come back from Alaska with a strong desire to bring this blue into my work. Not in a great rush I imagine, though it will be fun to try and bring some of this blue through earthy tones. Haunting - yes.

    1. That must have been a wonderful trip Susan, that blue caught in ice and snow is is such a mysterious colour , hadn't thought of it in relation to these works so thanks for the insight.


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