Friday, June 20, 2014

After The Rain

There were big rains and thunderstorms for a few days this week, and while I thought I had staked the peonies strongly enough, they were not; and I came downstairs and into the garden to see my proud beauties with their heads down, almost touching the ground as if they were ashamed. I can be overwhelmed by their voluptuousness and their fragrance but I thought they took it for granted. So here they are lying about rather wantonly in the early light.

after the rain, peonies, 2014

love the tiny fly clinging to the rain drop, 2014

more rain drops on the peonies, 2014


  1. Your photos are so good, I can smell the peonies.

  2. Some great photos of those fragrant beauties, one of my favorite flowers...

    1. Thanks Sharmon, I used to think roses were my favourite flower, but have to admit to having a huge passion for peonies, they always mark a particular time in the garden.


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