Sunday, February 9, 2014

Making Pizza

A couple of weeks ago as we made pizza for dinner and I was cutting the red peppers, I put one of the rounds of pepper on the scanner, intending to come back later and scan it. Yesterday I needed to do some scans and found this very dried out, and very beautiful pepper on the scanner bed. So I scanned away and last night as we made pizza again for dinner [we make, well actually J., makes the BEST pizza in the world] the core of the pepper has these beautiful shapes and 2 little inner peppers shown at the top right of the 3rd photo.

after 2 weeks, transparent in places

detail of the above shot, love the structure

core with babies


  1. I LOVE moments and stories like this Liz. The unexpected moment and its beauty - simply stunning. I love too that we both have men who make great pizzas!

    1. Thanks Fiona, and a cheer to the great men who make pizzas!


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