Saturday, March 16, 2013

Some Love Affairs Start Early

I really wanted to finish 3 things in the studio yesterday so I could get back to charcoal. Seemed reasonable but as things sometimes go, doing the final cleanup on my edition of Elegy to Betty took way longer. Lots of the finishing up on these books is very quiet almost meditative work, checking each page for pencil marks, [for the folds] making sure each glued section didn't need a final trim. So as I worked away I started to think about this great love of books, of not just reading them but also making them. Of the number of books around the house and the need for more bookshelves. Of how some books are like friends and have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. How hard it is to get rid of books [they usually end up in the studio to find a new life]. Then I remembered an old photo of my Mum reading to me as I cuddled Teddy. Couldn't find that photo but I still have Teddy, rather mangled now from all the love showered on him by Zoe and I. She adored him as a puppy and I feared he might not make it through her kind of loving. Lovely day.

Elegy for Betty, finished and waiting for her slip cases

Teddy on the book shelves

Liz and Teddy

Sorry to be so late posting this morning, I had to finish reading Zeitoun by Dave Eggers, a harrowing, true story of one family from New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. A  scathing indictment.


  1. Lovely Liz. Love the photo of the vertical books waiting their cover, and of course of you and much loved teddy. My granddaughter, now 18, has one we gave her as a baby that is in about the same condition. I hope she holds on to it. I must photograph it sometime.

  2. Thanks Joan, I look at that bear who holds a thousand memories with great fondness, he's my Velveteen Rabbit, and I thought he looked particularly handsome in the light the other day.


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