Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Blue World Continues

The fog the other morning has worked its way into the paths and lines. Today they have become blueprints.

blueprint |ˈbloōˌprint|nouna design plan or other technical drawing.• figurative something that acts as a plan, model, or template a vagueblueprint for fundamental land redistribution.verb [ trans. ]draw up (a plan or model) [as adj. ( blueprinted) a neatly blueprinted scheme.ORIGIN late 19th cent.: from the original process in which prints werecomposed of white lines on a blue ground or of blue lines on a whiteground.

Crossed lines

Outer reaches


  1. aahhh - now you are adding mystery to the exploration. Loving taking this journey with you Liz.

  2. Thanks so much Susan and i'm glad you are on the journey too.


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