Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Going Back And Forth

Not having a big roll of paper in the studio and wanting to see how this idea would work, I attached 15 sheets of paper to the wall and using the templates for the coffee shirts I had made [link here and here] I began to trace and play. Using pencil was fine except I couldn't see it from any distance so I switched to charcoal. Handy having the upstairs studio that overlooks this wall as I could judge what needed to be added. Using the sheets of paper may turn out to be a plus, another grid coming up. Skirt Lines. We'll see how the drips work out.


1st layers of charcoal


  1. always amazing how scale can change things! looking good Liz

  2. Isn't it exhilarating, working on a large scale, a freedom from minutiae.

  3. What a wonderful exploration - I am waiting to see what happens next! I like the drips as well.

  4. Thanks Jennifer, Rosie, Wendy and Fiona, encouragement is most needed at the moment. I am feeling daunted but will persevere....and Wendy you are so right , haven't worked this large in years and it is exhilarating, scary but exhilarating.


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