Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Slight Diversion

The dish towels were drying over the back of a chair yesterday when I caught the slanted afternoon light illuminating them. The color was so rich, like stained glass; so it was a big disappointment when I looked at the photos on the computer to see a pale imitation of what had been. Solution to most problems these days seems to be turn it into black and white and see what happens then. Hmmm I like, very graphic, strong. After the coffee cup, stripes?


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    1. Thanks Jennifer, stripes are calling, my eyes are needing a rest from circles. Well maybe not quite yet!

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    1. Thanks Jeanne, I think everything can be used, I just need to look and see. And let it speak to me.

  3. really gorgeous images. Black and white works so well - look like they could be rather bold etchings.

    1. Thanks Susan, love the dense black that etching ink gives, maybe my all time favourite blacks. May have to try some, thanks for the suggestion.

  4. See my comment about everyday phenomena on the 36 grid post Liz!


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