Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Slight Diversion, Part 2

After seeing the photos I posted the other day, a friend suggested I try darkening and upping the saturation. So I went back to the originals and did some tweaking. The dish towels are red [I am still not happy with it, bottom photo] but played about some more with color and blue won. Still unsatisfied I rotated Blue, which I feel works better. When I leave behind that which I saw and wanted, ie the luminosity of color, and let what is, play, fun things start to happen. The stripes are much more alive, and I have forgotten that the stripes are formed from the shadows from the chair slats. Still, it's probably for the oops pile.


  1. NOT for the oops pile! That first photo had me salivating as I viewed the thumbnail on my list of favorite blogs. Needless to say, I rushed right over to see what fun you've been having. Honestly, that first shot is an abstract painting...measuring 4' x 6' at least. Well...that's what I see anyway. Keep on playing.

    1. Thanks Jennifer, love your enthusiasm. Maybe a new career coming up as a painter. Move over JB. Something tells me no, but some printmaking coming up.

  2. It's amazing what creative play, and an enquiring mind, can produce. I LOVE the firstimage, and I agree with Jennifer, it would make a great painting.

  3. Thanks Jo, as I said to Jennifer, no painting for me but am seeing some other possibilities.


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