Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Laying Tile

The floor is prepped and David and Jean-Matthieu are laying the tiles and making the most beautiful marks with the cement on each tile before they carefully place it. Needless to say I am entranced with the process and keep taking photos of the cement.

The back of the tile with such beautiful cement lines. 2016

More beautiful cement , 2016

And even more beautiful lines. 2016

First view of the laid tile. 2016


  1. Gorgeous lines! At some point in the process, did you want to yell Stop! Just leave the lines! I would have...wanted to, that is. Imagine it would have been tricky to walk on, but oh! so lovely. Enjoy.

    1. I did Jennifer! We both wondered why put down the tiles.....and the guys laughed at how many photos I took of something they covered over. Really good lesson for me.


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