Monday, February 1, 2016

Found Blue

I put the phone down the other day and as I picked it up this is what I found. One can never have too much blue.

Blue 1, 2016

Blue 2, 2016

Blue 3, 2016


  1. Love the depth of this blue, especially in the first photo. One could sink into that blue and happily never come back out.

    I've a paper question for you if you don't mind. When in Santa Fe last October, I purchased 3 pads of St Armand Canal paper in varying sizes and colors. I've fallen in with the black denim 9 inch x 10 inch pad and want to purchase more. Numerous internet searches and a couple of emails to St Armand have not been successful. I'm wondering, since it's made in Montreal, if you might now of an art supply store that sells the pads? Many thanks for your time Liz!

    1. Thanks jennifer, and sorry to be tardy replying, they were sealing the floor yesterday so no access to the computer and then the power went out. I love St Armand paper to, and i have bought it through Omar Des Serres, but I have to say I would be inclined to call them at (514) 931-8338 or use the email form on their website Let me know if it works as I could always pick some up for you next time I'm in the city and mail it to you.


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