Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Studio Walls

Last summer I discovered something about how I worked that was surprising to me. I realized that I had become hesitant to post work in progress; that this was a private time and I needed to listen to what was happening with out any distraction. Work was taking form and language and I wanted to respect this inchoate and vulnerable space; now it feels fine to show the studio walls full of work that isn't finished but is indicating its direction.

Studio wall, facing west, Feb 2016

Studio wall, facing east, Feb 2016

Studio wall, from above and facing west, Feb 2016


  1. Looks great! I love studio photos and photos of work in progress. It does make one feel vulnerable in a way, and I think it helps me (when I do it) break through some walls that I build around myself. Thanks, I like your work a lot!

    1. Thanks Jesse, I really appreciate your words. And we have a mutual admiration going on here as I really enjoy your work too!

  2. Just superb!
    (both space and the art created within its walls...)


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