Monday, January 18, 2016

Finding Level

Before they lay down the tiles David had to find out how level the floor was and used a laser beam, which they then use as a mark to measure down to the floor; needless to say I was entranced with the glowing pink line tracing itself around the room. And where they had taken off the baseboard  it looked like lines of audio files, I wondered what song they were singing.

Laser line 1, 2015

laser line 2, 2015

laser line 3, 2015

laser line 4, with what resembles an audio file, 2015


  1. beauty is all around us, if only we are awake enough to see! love these.

    1. Thanks ZenDotStudio, that glowing pink line and the shades of white are very fine, sometimes I wonder why I bother to make anything, then I remember"it's just so pleasurable!"


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