Saturday, August 29, 2015


Years ago when I started the garden a friend suggested crocomosia, so I did some research and was disappointed to learn the these beauties were zone 5 [I'm zone 4]. Then late last summer I found some in a local garden centre, on sale, so decided to give them a try placing them in parts of the garden that I hoped were more sheltered; and they made it through last years wicked winter. I love them; the leaves are like iris, and they bloom here in mid August on arching branches that the humming birds hover over to drink from the scarlet flowers.

crocomosia with spiders web, 2015

crocomosia, 2015

crocomosia leaves and dew drops, 2015


  1. Crocomosia is one of my favorites. I grew them in my garden in Virginia and was told that Connecticut's winters are too harsh for them. You've inspired me to try though. Enjoy!

    1. Hope you get some for your garden Jennifer, these are called "Lucifer", if they do here they should work for you!


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