Thursday, April 11, 2013

Making Paper Dolls

For the past few months I have been working with Projet Nightcap 1938, involving our diverse community and culminating in the premier of the play Nightcap, written by Louise Pelletier and produced by Coeur du Village. I'm doing their graphics which I love doing. I so enjoy seeing one idea lead to another, and another, how to organize all the information, how to make it alive and vibrant, and as always in projects like this how to do it as thriftily as possible. Hence the very large paper dolls, which we will print 7 feet tall [on a plotter], glue onto corplast and cut around their edges. So if you are in Sutton take a look for these two, they are the main characters in the play and will be hanging about town for a few weeks.

Trim lines for the cutouts

Hanging out at Bistro Beaux Lieux

And in front of La Rameur Affamée

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